A writer, actress and voiceover artist currently living aboard a narrowboat.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog is hilarious! You deserve a fresh, new kitten! One will be lowered onto your deck should our boats pass in the night…

  2. Hi my name is Oli, I am the marketing executive for http://www.boatsandoutboards the UK’s leading boat marketplace, we are looking to create an article around life on a narrowboat, within this article will be a section devoted to narrowboat bloggers.
    We would love to feature your blog in it, if that is ok with you.

    I have left my email address in the section bellow, just give me an email if you would be happy for us to feature you.

    Kind regards


      • Hi Carlih
        Great news! Sorry about that I thought it would of displayed it.
        My email is oliver.nelson@fridaymediagroup.com

        The layout of the article will be, a brief bit of text on why people live aboard a narrowboat.
        Then under this we will create a profile for each of our top narrowboat bloggers where it will link back to your blog.

        Would you be ok to send over a blurb about your blog, why you love about being aboard a narrowboat
        and also a suitable image for your profile?
        I will be building the article this week with the aim to be sent out next week.
        So no immediate hurry for this.
        Any questions feel free to ask.

        Thanks very much!

  3. My god, just spent the past 90 mins reading through your old posts and laughing my arse off in the pub. I’ve living on a narrowboat for the past 3 months (that is, since yesterday, according to boater standards) and really appreciate your humour in sharing the realities. Also, yes, ducklings everday.
    Looking forward to more reading ahead. Cheers.

  4. Hi Carli, I appreciate my chances of getting a response are quite slim! However I have loved your blog and followed it since we first floated (Also love a good pun) the idea of a life aboard a Narrowboat. I just wondered whether you still live aboard or whether you’ve taken the leap back to a land dwelling life! All the best 🙂 Kirsty

    • Hi Kirsty, that’s really nice to hear – thank you! Yes I’m afraid we’ve made the move back on land 😦 We still have Albion but will be selling her soon. Not sure how I’m going to cope with that when it happens! Hope all is well in your floaty life? x

      • Hi Carli, thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me. Best of luck for your life back on land 🙂

        Floatly life is going well so far, it’s our two year boativersary tomorrow 🙂 x

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